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Want you and your team inspired and energized by world-leading sales insights, ideas and tools to grow your business?

Morne has delivered keynote talks to these world-leading organizations

 Keynote talk 

Sales Culture: Is yours by design or default?

Building a high-performing sales function is about getting the right people in the right seats, but just as important is creating a culture that supports sales excellence. Every organization has a sales culture, whether you can identify it or not. The key to the success of your sales team is to identify and grow a culture of sales excellence with people and processes.

In this talk, Morné will cover:

  • Hiring, nurturing and managing your sales team
  • Creating an expectation of success
  • Processes and playbooks
  • The power of recognition
  • Scouting & recruiting sales talent like a professional sports team

Morné’s keynote will include industry-leading examples, ideas and practical tools you can implement in your business to start making an impact on your sales culture.

 Keynote talk 

The Sales Playbook for Greater Sales and Profits

The hallmark of any successful and growing business is its ability to articulate its systems and processes into a well-documented playbook. Giving your team access to a playbook that documents how to succeed is going to be critical to your growth.

In this talk, Morné will cover:

  • Field sales coaching
  • Getting salespeople committed to your business goals
  • Building and measuring minimum performance standards
  • Communication, team building, and personal recognition tactics
  • How to recruit top sales professionals

This keynote talk is perfectly designed for sales managers and your c-suite leadership team. Morné will present ideas for building, managing and monitoring your sales team and sales function. These ideas are also applicable to other areas of your business.

A comprehensive example of a sales playbook will be provided to all attendees.

 Keynote talk 

Smart Selling for Hyper Sales Growth

An increase in sales can create a decrease in profit margins. This is caused by a shortcoming in the capabilities of your sales team. In this talk, Morné will explain the importance of using your unique competitive advantages to create a system and process for your sales team to follow and increase both your sales and profit margins.

This interactive session is a MUST for all sales professionals and executives. It focuses on the keys to effective selling with ideas and examples you’ll be able to implement in your business immediately.

This talk will cover:

  • The 4 key components to sales success
  • The accountability and measurement of the five laws of self-renewal: Motivation is mandatory, not optional
  • Creating demand, regardless of price
  • How to leverage your prospects, customers and clients
  • Training: It’s an “inside job”
  • How to end the reluctance to cold call
  • Recognition: Don’t leave “thanks” to chance
  • People are different: sell and manage accordingly

This is a highly interactive and engaging workshop. Each attendee will receive a workbook packed with examples of tried and tested processes, frameworks and ideas that you’ll be able to take advantage of in your business.


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