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Building a World Class Sales Organization

Building a World Class Sales Organization

April 18, 2024


Time: 8:30am-12:30pm Pacific Time

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The attitude of the company leadership is critical to its’ success. If you believe the environment is too tough to grow, your results will reflect that. If you believe the environment is rich with opportunity, your results will reflect that too. You know that your sales force needs to exist in this environment, and Jack Daly will show you how to navigate successfully through this challenging business environment and strategically stay focused on your targets and reemerge even stronger than before.

During challenging times, confident and prepared leadership is critical to health and longevity of any organization. What we find works is the application of systems & processes throughout the company, facilitated by a written Playbook. Sports teams have worked this way for decades, yet too many companies continue to “wing it”. Your Playbook may need some updating to reflect the change in the business landscape, but its’ importance has never been at a higher priority.

Leverage is working hard to discover how to generate more business with less work, then taking the necessary steps to be prepared for the good fight. We will teach you how to implement the key elements to ensure your business success. Now you too will have all the tools and tactics to come out the other side ahead of your competition.

We touch on these ideas and more:

  1. Designing a winning culture in a decentralized world while operating virtually.
  2. Moving beyond mediocre performers while leveraging an upgrade to your sales team.
  3. Installing simple yet proven sales systems & processes.
  4. New approaches to ideal sales compensation plans.
  5. The power of the realistic cheerleader.

What you will learn:

  1. The proven systems and processes that go into a successful sales playbook.
  2. 7 Lessons you can apply to your team from the best sports teams to win.
  3. Why “backward thinking” can help you achieve better results.
  4. The best way to use measurement to improve sales performance.
  5. A time-tested way to bring true accountability to your results.
  6. Learn proven methods to hiring the best salespeople in any market.

Building a World Class Sales Organization

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