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The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth Virtual Workshop

The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth Virtual Workshop

July 26, 2024


Time: 8:30am-12:30pm Pacific Time

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1-3 seats: $449 | 4-7 seats: $395 | 8+ seats: $350

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Elevate your sales skills, leverage your time, and skyrocket earnings with the insights and strategies from this virtual workshop.

In This Webinar You Will:

Special pricing is available for group bookings
1-3 seats: $449 | 4-7 seats: $395 | 8+ seats: $350

Join thousands of attendees who have supercharged their
performance with Morne Smit’s proven recipes for sales success.

What Is Your Sales Team's Strategy For Guaranteed Success In Sales?

This engaging, interactive session is a MUST for all sales professionals who want to be elite...

Selling in today’s economy takes more effort than ever before. Technology allows businesses to connect globally, and buyers have more choices than they can handle. Thus, a salesperson must work to build trusting relationships to win new customers and grow the ones that already exist.


What you can learn from the top sportspeople in the world and how this applies to selling

The secrets of the top 5% of salespeople who generate a disproportionate amount of revenue

How to generate more business with less work

How to break free from small, incremental gains, and achieve exponential growth


Limited Seating Available!

Special pricing is available for group bookings.
1-3 seats: $449 | 4-7 seats: $395 | 8+ seats: $350

Free Bonuses

for Attending

Bonus #1

Exclusive access to a free trial of the Emerse Academy Mini Closing Course.
($495 value)

Bonus #2

A 30-minute post-workshop group Q&A session with Morne Smit. ($250 value)


Here's What Other Sales Professionals Have to Say About This Workshop

Its not every day that you meet the perfect individual to take forward your life's work. Morne is the one.
Jack Daly
The tools outlined in this workshop are invaluable. Walking away from the training I was armed and ready to lead my team to success. We hit our quarterly sales goal, for the first time in over a year. You can't deny results like that.
Holly R.
Morne is dynamic and entertaining as a speaker who uncluttered how to build a sales team, the different skill sets between sales and sales management, behaviors to look out for, how to measure success, accountability and developing the all important Sales Playbook. This is a must attend session.
Franck S.
Morne was fantastic. Relatable, smart, direct, really enjoyed it. Already shared his info with several people.
Shaun B.
Excellent delivery and passion, engaging, great presentation flow. High energy and passionate about topic. Great take aways. Would highly recommend. I rarely give 5/5 but this was definitely one.
Michael K.
The best and most practical presentation on sales ever!
Howard L.
Outstanding presentation! Morne is one of the very best.
Cindy M.
We're getting ahead of the game early, which is giving us a much better position to win projects from.
Benjamin G.

Selling Out Fast!

Special pricing is available for group bookings.
1-3 seats: $449 | 4-7 seats: $395 | 8+ seats: $350

About Your Host

Morne Smit

From the shores of Cape Town to the global stage, Morne Smit’s journey in sales spans over 25 years, covering 50+ different industries and producing phenomenal results. Founder of Emerse Sales, he has now taken up the mantle of internationally acclaimed speaker, Jack Daly, and is dedicated to transforming sales professionals worldwide.
Morne delivers captivating keynote sessions, workshops, and virtual training, ensuring attendees leave with actionable insights to drive sales growth.

Are you ready to redefine your sales journey and achieve unprecedented growth?

Very few seats left!

Special pricing is available for group bookings.
1-3 seats: $449 | 4-7 seats: $395 | 8+ seats: $350

The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth Virtual Workshop

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